If You Could Only Travel to One Place in the World, Here’s Where You Should Go

“If I could only travel to one place in the world, where would you recommend I go?”

Seth and I get this questing a lot, and hearing it brings me back to old cobblestone roads and listening to a kilted man expertly play the bagpipes on an uneven step. It makes me remember cheerful smiles and corner cafes and legends of the Lochness monster. If you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re talking about the rolling green hills of Scotland.


More often than once, when we give that answer, eyebrows have gone up. We’ve even received a few disappointed looks. Then, the surprised,



Yes, really. And here’s why if you could only travel to one place in the world, it should be Scotland.

1. The Gorgeous Scenery

When Seth and I visited Scotland, we went to a number of spots, including a little town called Oban and then further inland to a cabin on a Loch. Think: the California Redwoods meets a foggy morning on a Midwestern lake, all surrounded by rolling hills covered the brightest green foliage you could imagine.


2. This Beautiful City

Edinburgh is hidden gem. It’s a quieter city than its neighbors London and Paris, but by no means is it dull or lackluster. Walking through Edinburgh made me feel like I was walking through an enchanted town that just grew up there out of the stone. The architecture is amazing, and there’s no shortage of spots to explore.

3. Cheap Digs, Eats, & More

Edinburgh, and Scotland in general, are much less expensive destinations than spots like Rome, Paris and London. You’ll get a lot more for your money across the board, from lunch to lodging.

4. The Nicest People You’ll Ever Meet

But really, there is no such thing as a rude Scotsman (or woman, for that matter.) Scottish people are proud of their country and glad to have you there enjoying it, too. Whether you’re grabbing lunch at a pub or trying to find a specific landmark to visit, you’ll never have an unpleasant conversation with a Scotland native.

5. A Wide Variety of Food Options

The UK in general isn’t well known for its cuisine, but luckily dishes like chicken tikka masala and some Chinese and Thai inspired foods are rising in popularity, so there’s a diverse variety to choose from. We passed by Middle Eastern restaurants, Italian eateries, and of course Scottish pubs if you’re dying to try authentic fish & chips that will have you calling “so long,” to Long John Silvers.

6. It’s Easy to Navigate

If you’ve never been overseas, Scotland is a great place to start off with. Because the people are so kind, you can always stop and ask for directions. The public transportation makes it easy to get around. And, whether you want a city or countryside experience (or a little of both,) it’s got you covered.

7. You’ll Want to Go Back

Seth and I have traveled around, and while it’s always fun to see new places, there are only a handful of spots we’ve considered returning to. Of those few, Scotland takes number one. It’s both exciting and relaxing, and it’s underrated enough that it isn’t as touristy in general.

So, if you only get the chance to pick one place to visit overseas, head to Scotland. You won’t regret it.



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