24 Hours in Nashville

This past January, my husband and I took a road trip down to Florida from Missouri. And, low and behold, sitting almost exactly halfway there was Nashville, a city that’s been on my US bucket list for a long time. We decided to stay the night there and I got my 24 hours in Nashville. Here’s where we went, what we did, and how we did it.

Note: this blog post may contain affiliate links.

How We Travel

First, I find it valuable to note that Seth and I almost always stray away from the more touristy sections of a city. You can read about the Grand Ole Opry and other attractions just about anywhere, and we like a less populated experience wherever we go.


Let’s talk logistics. Since we had driven down, it wasn’t all that necessary for us to choose only spots within easy walking distance. Street parking was metered and not too expensive, so we went with that, which allowed us to head from spot to spot without much trouble. SpotHero is an excellent resource if you’re wanting to park once and stick to one area.

8th & Roast

If you’re anything like me, you’ve gotta have your morning coffee before you can start a day of exploring. Nashville has a number of great coffee shops and I decided on this one for its location, atmosphere, and of course, it’s highly rated espresso drinks.


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Nashville’s Murals

While I was researching Nashville, I discovered that there a number of famous murals throughout the city. Being an appreciator of street art and the Instagram fanatic I am, I knew I had to visit a few of my favorites. I’ve included the locations of each of these on the map at the end!

I Believe in Nashville


What Lifts You


The Colorful Wall

This one is located at the parking lot right across the street from What Lifts You!


Prince’s Hot Chicken

I was ignorant of any knowledge regarding Nashville-style fried chicken until I dove in to researching this trip. And once I had it at Prince’s Hot Chicken, I was HOOKED. Now, I even make it at home.

The Soda Parlor

The Soda Parlor, my husband and I agree, was the jewel of our Nashville excursion. It wasn’t even on my original map and we only stumbled upon it as we were wandering through East Nashville. Inside, there were old arcade and board games you could play for free as you were sipping on your craft soda float.


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The Shoppes on Fatherland

After consuming a lot of good food and that entire orange soda cream float, we went for a walk and hit up The Shoppes on Fatherland. It’s a row of adorable boutiques that really reflected the creativity and diversity of Nashville’s population.

G’z Barbecue & Catering

This was – hands down – the best barbecue I have ever had. Located a little ways from the downtown area, G’z encapsulates the reason Seth and I love holes in the wall: great food made by people who love to make it. Smoked meats, homemade barbecue sauces, and the man behind the grill made this the perfect end to our 24 hours in Nashville.

The Final Route

And here it is, all mapped out. We had a blast with our day in Nashville, and we hope you enjoy yours!

Where would you like to see an itinerary from next? Drop me a comment below with your suggestions!

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